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The Fresh for Life "Veggie Box" 
The Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) concept is based on mutual reliance between farmers and consumers.  A farm provides the consumer with a variety of fresh-picked produce and the consumer directly supports the farm by providing a steady income.  By sharing in the harvest of the farm, consumers are closely connected to the whims of nature and seasonal cycles.  Farmers benefit by having secure outlets for their produce and by knowing the people who are involved with the prosperity of the farm.

We'll work to fill your 3/4 bushel Veggie Box to the top, about 10-14 items.  Early season boxes will include greens, asparagus, radishes and new potatoes.  Starting in late summer through fall, the boxes (nature willing) will be overflowing with produce including a variety of tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers.  If you feel the contents of one box is not sufficient (you're expecting guests for the weekend, having a party, or use just need more vegetables) you may add to your box by purchasing extra items a la carte.

Not your typical CSA (Local Veggie Boxes)
The typical  CSA model has many great attributes but the schedule of a weekly box may not quite fit your not so routine way of life.  Our  Local Veggie Box Program is a twist on the standard CSA, designed for people on the move.  Whether it’s your vacation schedule, work demands, or the bounty of your own garden, you may not always be ready for a box of vegetables.   We offer an assortment of seasonal organic vegetables boxed and ready for pickup at our farm during our Farm Stand hours.  10 Boxes for $275 and here’s the twist, it's flexible, you choose your weeks and pick-up day.  You're life is busy, you’re on vacation, you're in IL, your life is not routine, if you’re not ready for vegetables we understand.  Getting your Veggie Box is as easy as sending us a message: by phone, by text, by email to let us know that your ready for box.  See the Flyer.