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Our farm produces healthy organic food. The term organic refers not to the food itself, but to how it is produced. Organic food production is based on an ecological system of farming that emphasizes soil fertility as the key to healthy plants. Organic foods are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. Weed and pest control are handled organically through the work of naturally occurring soil bacteria, beneficial insects and birds. Soil fertility is maintained through the growing of cover crops and the composting of plant materials. Conventional farming relies on chemical inputs of “cides”, herbicides for weed and pesticides for pest, these chemicals indiscriminately kill everything in the soil disrupting the natural ecosystem and virtually eliminating the micronutrients necessary for healthy eating.  Organic production starts with a healthy soil, your food is healthy and full of micronutrients because the soil it was grown in is healthy.
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We need to stay informed because the decisions we made to protect our health, our family’s health, and the environment are constantly being questioned by so many. Big Agriculture (Big Ag), Big Pharmaceuticals (Big Pharma), Big Energy, and Big Box Store spend millions of marketing dollars annually producing misleading ads, funding studies, and making news designed to keep us uncertain about the wisdom, knowledge, and science that initially lead us to our health & environmental decisions.