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Plant-Based Nutrition

At Fresh for Life Organics, we produce organically grown vegetables in the beautiful Central Sands of Wisconsin for our CSA members.  Our organic farming system includes growing a variety of different crops; using cover crops that fix nitrogen and provide organic matter for the soil; crop rotations to inhibit disease and pests; selling locally; and providing habitat areas for beneficial insects and wildlife.

The vegetables we grow are used as the ingredients for our exclusive CSA member Picnics-in-the-Field, our Farm-to-Table Dinners, our on-farm Events and our Plant-Based Nutrition Classes and Presentations.  Our dinners, events and farm tours forge a direct connection between the farm and the people who enjoy and are nourished by its produce.  With our plant-based meals we provide locally grown vegetables to our members while at the same time they are supporting organic farming practices that are healthful to the local community and the environment. 

Fresh for Life seeks to create awareness of healthy plant-based eating, the needs of rural communities and to stress the importance of farms in the fabric of our society. To that end, we believe the following statements have been proven true; are scientifically sound; and should be promoted.

Russ Brown and Genie Metoyer, Farm Owners
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About Us
A plant-based diet of fresh organically grown vegetables will build and maintain a healthy body.

Many practices of conventional farming are detrimental to the health of the food, the farm worker, rural communities, and the environment to include the soil, the water, and the air.

The best way to feed the world is through small family farms.
The Metoyer-Brown Farm

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