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Picnic in the Field   "Eating as an Agricultural Act" - Wendell Berry
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Thursday Evenings - Spring & Summer  

Our Menu is set weekly.  We'll supply the view, your meal, plates and dinnerware. 
Dinners are plant-based using organic ingredients and highlight our farm's fresh picked produce with an emphasis on promoting seasonal local foods.   

Picnics begin at 5:30, dinners are served beginning at 6:00 with final serving at 7:30.  Tour our farm, hike the trails, socialize.

For more information, please call Genie at 630-567-0104 or:
Come Early and hike the Ice Age Trail!

The Chaffee Creek Segment of the trail runs right next to our farm!
The decisions we make everyday of what we put on our plate shapes our future.  What we choose, determines what the farmer grows and how he grows it.  Which in the end determines the quality of our natural environment.

With our actions we will change the world.
Picnic Dinners are $17.50 for adults and $7 for kids age 14 and under.

Reserve your place by calling or texting Genie at (630) 567-0104. 

Or email Genie at
We will gather together again in the Spring of 2021

With our concern for health and safety of our friends and family during the COVID-19 zoonotic pandemic, we are with regret and disappointment cancelling our Picnics for the 2020 Season.