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Plant-Based Nutrition

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
​About our CSA

As a Fresh for Life Organics CSA member, you will have the opportunity to enjoy our fresh grown vegetables in member only meals prepared and served at our farm, attend plant-based cooking classes, and other member events.  Our CSA gives our members the experience and benefits of a plant-based meal.  This idea of a CSA fits our farm's mission of building a healthy plant-based future by introducing plant-based meals and cooking techniques to our members.

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA's) have many great elements focused on farmers selling their produce directly to their CSA members. The basic idea is a farmer offers membership shares to the public.  Interested consumers purchase a membership and in return receive a portion of seasonal produce throughout the farming season.  It is a great way for farmers to market their crops and lets them get to know the people who eat the food they grow.  Our CSA gives our members our organically grown vegetables on a plate. 

We invite you to join, become a member of our CSA and support our farm and our mission.  When you replace a standard American meal with a plant-based meal you will be helping to save the planet, improving your health, and bettering the lives of animals everywhere.  The future is Plant-based.
We offer our CSA members the opportunity to enjoy exclusive dinners at our farm prepared with our fresh picked seasonal organic vegetables and attend other plant-based member events.
Vegetables on a plate, the Fresh for Life CSA is not a traditional CSA that distributes a weekly box of vegetables. 
CSA Dinners Begin Thursday, June 9th!